When I need a bit of a break or some creative freedom, I fuck with illustration.

When your career is fully vested in creative work, as fulfilling and rewarding as that is, every now and then it begins to feel like common work.

As the years push on I’ve been forced to enter new creative fields for various projects, which means there are fewer fields wherein I can freely explore my own creativity.

Perhaps the only vestige of creative freedom that still remains is illustration, drawing and painting.

I use a variety of mediums or mix-mediums, though below I’ve only shared a handful of digital representations.

People often ask to commission me for work, but I just can’t bring myself to do so. At most, I’ve given paintings to friends as gifts to hang in their homes.

I hold onto this one fairly tightly, because for now, it’s my only means for achieving inspiration and creative sanity.







The End.